Meet the Crew: Gabriel Delmas

Gabriel Delmas, self portrait as a Vampire

Hey you, who are you?

Gabriel Delmas, painter and illustrator. I authored a number of comic books (Le Psychopompe, Vampyr, Le Mouton-chien Manchot, Vorax…) and underground graphzines often with occult themes or dark fantasy. Some are now available from Hollow Press like “Largemouths”, “Fobo” or “Plutonium”. An exhibition of my work took place in Bologna, Italy in December 2016 around a giant format album “Xuwwuu” published by Hollow Press, and in August 2018 in Rodez using drawings available in the collection “Riggel Bum”.

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Andwhat do you do in Gryyym?

In Gryyym, I’ll make do the graphic design of the mook, an editorial and some obscure drawn thingies. Everything will depend on what can be done, but the more freedom and space we have, the more amazing Gryyym will be.

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Moloch Jupiter Superstar, with Patrick Pion.

Why so Gryyym?

I do Gryyym to live the experience, life is short and there are no extra moves to be done after the “Game Over”. The idea is to find a fantastic and horrific comic strip, with the visual and witty pleasure from Creepy and Heavy Metal magazines. Freedom of tone, a mix of underground and more classical styles, side to side, without snobbery.

Seigneur Venin

Ta BD d’horreur préférée?

My favorite horror comic is Cidopey de Corben. The colouring and drawing make it a work of art for me. These pages should be in a Museum of Modern Art.

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