Franck Biancarelli:

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Franck Biancarelli’s self-portrait

Can you show us a picture that had a big influence on you?

I am more facinated by images that give me the feeling of being possible. So certainly, like many, I was marked at a very young age by some images of Wrightson but in the end, much more by some of Ditko’s and of course Alex Toth’s (my hero).

What are your plans for GRYYYM?

I drew hard images in the past but for the moment, until when I don’t know, I am very interested in producing images that each taken separately could be described as quite charming but can cause a feeling of unease when these are put together. So the objective is there: To produce a form of beauty, normality, poetry, elegance but which in the end leaves a strange aftertaste.

Can you show us a picture from your work which has a special meaning for you?

What interests me more than expressing a very strong point of view is to take a step to the side. Like a little dysfunction. Here, for example, I like this image because it seems to me (I hope I’m right) that the dramaticized point of view it produces is rarely seen. We are both diving in the shelter of the battle, but at the same time too close to really take the measure and we only see fragments of it. It seems to me that the point of view and what is shown contradict each other and cause a form of confusion, which was my objective because I think the state of confusion is predominant in a hand-to-hand battle (I hope it is at least a little true if not all this explanation is perfectly ridiculous, ha).

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