Gryyym is a mook about fantastic and horrific stories, mainly consisting of short comics and a few illustrated short stories. Gryyym will reach at least 200 pages to create a varied and dense collection served by a wide variety of graphic styles. It will feature drawing and extraordinary stories in the tradition of Creepy, 2000 AD, Eerie, Special USA and Heavy Metal. Crowdfunding campaign is now open on kisskissbankbank.com.

For the past year, we have been cooking Gryyym, contacting artists, authors and writers. We spent time thinking about what seemed to be the right format for an object you want to keep in your library or on your bedside table, to read and reread, in one go or by random bites. Gryyym is a necessity to us, so we can show that madness and eccentricity in contemporary graphic and literary creation remains a thing. Also the joy because these themes have always been there, from antiquity, through the Middle Ages, Gothic novels, fantasy classics and the beginnings of science fiction into the 19th century, the explosion in the 20th century and the birth of the modern comic strip.

Gryyym is a name chosen in homage to the Grimm brothers as well as for the french verb “se grimer” (to disguise oneself) and the meaning of “grim” in English. We will focus on terror, adventure, humour, emotions, reflection, the engagement of scenarios or short stories and the density and power of drawing. We want it to be printed in September 2019, in English and in French!

For our collection, we therefore called upon authors who seemed essential to us: first our sponsors Esteban Maroto, historical author of Creepy, Pat Mills, founder of 2000 AD. But also cult writer Michael Moorcock, a group of leading international authors such as David Lloyd, Ashley Wood, Tommy Lee Edwards, Adrian Smith, and many others, French, Italian, American, from the underground, comics, French-Belgian comics… Find us on facebook to check the updated list of the participants.

This is what will make Gryyym’s richness and impertinence, nourished by such fascinating personalities and all lovers of the dark and worrying.

Fay Dalton, Joseph Lacroix, Elena Guidolin, Paolo Massagli, Patrick Pion, Esteban Maroto, Christophe Lenté, Grégory Maklès, Attila Futaki.

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