Meet the crew: Joseph Lacroix

Joseph Lacroix, self-portrait as undead.

Hey you, who are you?

I am « Diablo 3, Sword of justice » with Aaron Williams,
the « Encyclopédie du mal » with Grégory Maklès, « Pythons » with Gabriel Delmas, « Fébus » with Catmalou, part of the « book of Tyrael » and other from Diablo and World of Warcraft lore… and hundreds of drawings piling up in search of freedom!

Hey you, what do you do?

I’m bouncing between Gabriel, Greg and Jérôme. I fight my shyness by finding and trying to convince artists from all walks of life to come and join us. I’m tinkering with the com. And I also draw the Grenouillard. It’s a wild comic that will be part of the dark fantasy contingent in GRYYYYM.

And why so Gryyym?

My drive in “GRYYYYM” is to create some space for free expression and experimentation.

It has become extremely difficult to publish comics in France. As a result, we spend a lot of time anxiously building custom proposals… thousands of pages that disappear into the limbo of correspondence between authors and publishers.

I want the opposite approach in GRYYYYM: drawing with your guts, being bold. Strong characters, exuberant universes, sharp stories. No fuss, no yada yada. Drawing that hits hard, stories that shake things up.
Then we let the readers decide

Your favorite horror comic?

If I have to choose only one: “Jenifer” by Bernie Wrightson. Everything is there: virtuosity in the service of the story and proof that in a few pages you can provoke real emotions. I also have a graphic passion for Alex Toth’s “Grave undertaking” which I have been tracking for many months. And “Sanctum” by Mike Mignola, because Mignola.

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