Meet the Crew: Gregory Makles

Gregory Makles, Self Portrait after a highly successful diet.

Hey you, who are you?

Gregory Makles. I am mostly known for my work with Paul Jorion on La Survie de l’Espèce, a graphic novel on finance that laugh wickedly at our own species (that’s being adapted as a stop motion tv show). I have also made quite a few people laugh quite a lot (or so they say) on my South Park style comic on my life as a World of Warcraft character in Aventures de Stevostin. Before all that I wrote quite a few mostly serious fantasy stories for Robin Recht (Le Dernier Rituel) and Joseph Lacroix (l’Encyclopédie du Mal), including Ruppert which I also drew. In another life, I am co-founder of Ohm Force, a small but somehow cult audio software company with very famous users.

Hey you, what do you do?

Initially I just told a bunch of friends that maybe they should consider crowdfunding in 2019 for an horror comic project. I then got drafted as the “web campaign guy” as well as an author. They know me from our art school days (ENSAD) where my real dream were grounded in my deep love for UK awesome comics (Bisley, Mc Kean, Hewlett, you know the bunch) so they were aware I needed little push to put back the gloves on and do something really dark.

And why so Gryyym?

Quite simply, it’s about doing the kind of comic I crave. Genre, popular comics with total dedication is were the real art is for me. Be fun, but be deep, be spectacular, but always have a reason, don’t tell people what to think, but do think yourself. Pat Mills, who’s our sponsor and hands down my favorite comic writer, embodies that perfectly.

Your favorite horror comic?

Probably some bits of Dave Mc Kean’s Cages that are scary the way David Lynch can be in theaters. Now if we’re speaking about my first, biggest hunch on horrors, it was when as a young teen a friend brought Bolland’s Judge Dredd, with the dead judges, at school. The black and white art, the characters, I was completely fascinated.

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