Georges Clarenko & Nikola Akileus

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Georges Clarenko
Nikola Akileus

Can you show us a picture that had a big influence on you?

Georges: A single image, impossible. Or rather an image that is the sum of thousands. Some influences among them: Schizophrenia, Bug, Shin Godzilla, Lovecraft.

Nikola: a comic book extract, of SF obedience and rather dark. Fragment of the exile of a fallen pontiff, in the midst of a mystical crisis, soon a hallucinated prophet of a disintegration of reality.

What are your plans for GRYYYM?

Georges : Gryyym is for me the opportunity to take up our project of creating a universe with the scriptwriter and author Nikola Akileus. Comics being the perfect medium to concretize the symbiosis of our creations.

Nikola: Images born of texts. Original influences: the horrific soil of King & Lovecraft, enriched with a good dose of Frank Herbert (Dune of course – historic canal, but also the sacrificial AI-deity of the Consciousness Program, the Dosadi experience) and Dan Simmons (the Hyperion: his tesla trees, his impaler demon, to name but a few).

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