Month: May 2019

Gabriel Delmas’ dedication for Gryyym!

What is the Shub-Niggurath Pack? Named after the famous extraterrestrial entity imagined by Lovecraft, it is the Gryyym Premium Pack now that the Early Ghoul packs are out of stock. So you’ll have everything you need in this pack for an extraordinary journey into fantasy and horror! Thanks to all the contributors who support the Gryyym project!

– The printed book (French language)

– The PDF (French language)

– Gryyym’s cover printed on wood laminate

– Julien Brunet’s Sticker

– Nicolas Nemiri’s Ex-Libris

– Patrick Pion’s Poster

+ as an exclusive bonus: 5 original dedications art at your name from Gabriel Delmas, Jean-Paul Krassinsky, Gregory Maklès, Lenté Chris and Patrick Pion !

And of course all bonuses unlocked when the levels are reached and your name on the list of sacrificed.

Here is what your Gryyym dedication by Gabriel Delmas could look like:

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Nicolas Nemiri’s Ex-Libris !

As you know, Gryyym has decided to offer in some rewards the illustration of Nicolas Nemiri for Gryyym as an Ex-libris! Nicolas Nemiri sent us his great drawing, and we have to share it with you !

Virtuoso artist, internationally famous, Nicolas Nemiri lives in Asia. His latest Artbook was released by Superani last year. His participation in Gryyym is for us a great honor and an immense artistic pleasure.

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